Sunday, October 31, 2010

A large bunch of lilies

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This morning one of the ladies at East Geelong church gave me a huge bunch of lilies. They'd been in the church for the sad funeral of a member of her family, and then again for this morning's worship. Gosh, what shall I do with them all? Okay, over half were put into a large vase in our loungeroom and the rest I took up to Altona Meadows Fijian church service to put into a vase there. After that I gave them to one of the families to take on to Coburg Uniting Church where the Lau community were to gather after 4 p.m. for their church service, and then I guess someone will take them to their home. Probably the lilies we kept can be divided once again to give to people we meet in the next few days. So recycled lilies they certainly are! Thank you God for the rain and sunshine and for gardens. If you had a kindness shown pass it on - is an old song we sometimes sing.


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I think it is the good morning if someone give us bunch of flowers. But this morning was not good for you. Because of lady gives you bunch of lilies for her one of the family member. We all pray for her family member.

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