Friday, October 08, 2010

Independence Document Missing

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Fiji Radio put an interesting item online today about the legal document of Fiji's independence. No-one can find the 'original copy'! So is the original in England and Fiji was only given a copy in the first place? Anyway the celebration this weekend is rather a mixed bag of memories - Cession Day it was once called when Fiji was annexed in 1874, then Independence in 1970, forty years ago, then if I remember rightly it was called Republic Day for a time. Certainly there are plenty of contradictions in this day's celebrations. And, of course, it's raining on their parade today, or was it cancelled?a picture I saw on Matavuvale taken on 8th October.

We are having a little party here tonight in our home - maybe twenty people - to reflect upon Fiji's history and our own lives, as well as drink some kava and have some delicious Pacific food plus a barbecue. Tomorrow there are functions in Melbourne - two venues for rugby etc. and a fashion parade in the evening.

Fiji Independence document missing
Friday, October 08, 2010

The original copy of the legal document of Fiji’s independence - which was presented by Prince Charles to the Fiji government on the 10th of October 1970 is still not found. Government archivist Salesia Ikaniwai told FBC News they have been searching for this important document for over five years – without success. Ikaniwai says they have tracked down all the places the document may have been kept, and have contacted various government departments to try to locate it. She says the missing document contains the Independence Order, which sets the basis for Fiji’s first ever Constitution. Ikaniwai says they had to contact the International Resources Centre in England to get a photocopy of Fiji’s Independence Order.


nzm said...

Maybe they should check in Ratu Mara's archives!

Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

Oh hello NZM. So you are still around and not just listening to Spanish guitar music. It's great that we can access Fiji news on-line so readily even if it is sometimes watered down.