Thursday, October 28, 2010

A casino for Fiji! Gross idea!

from w
I really dislike the idea of a casino in Fiji, even if only for tourists. They are placed where there often greed, crime, and completely different from a Pacific lifestyle of generosity, smiles, and a clean environment. So each time the topic of a possible casino for Fiji, I find that grossly unattractive. Money to alleviate poverty. Come on, come on. Gambling breeds poverty. Listen to advice by people who know what damage casinos and other forms of gambling can do to families. It's easy to say that profits can be shared by owner and government, but it just ain't worth it.
From Fiji fbc.
Fiji casino funds for poverty alleviation
Friday, October 29, 2010

All funds government will earn from the operation of Fiji’s first casino will go towards poverty alleviation says Prime Minister Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama.

Government has invited expressions of interest for the development and operation of the first casino in Fiji. Bainimarama told FBC News that only one licence will be given for the casino operation. He says a number of interested parties have expressed their interest – and will be required to apply for the license. The PM says they are still drafting the appropriate legislation to cover the casino operations. He says only tourists will be allowed to use the Casino.

The Methodist church has told FBC News they will comment on the casino issue once they have studied the proposal.

Report by : Masimeke Latianara
and from CCF
CCF expresses ‘deep reservations’ on plan for Fiji casino
16:42 September 18, 2009Fiji, Pacific Press Releases1 comment
The Citizens’ Constitutional Forum (CCF) expresses deep reservations about the decision by the Interim Government to allow a casino to open in Fiji.

“It is known world over that casinos can have collateral damages. Big time gambling can be a source of addiction leading to financial bankruptcy and irreplaceable loss of much needed family income, which could aggravate rather than resolve poverty,” CCF Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Rev Akuila Yabaki said.

“The opening of any casino would require strict legislation and it would be unfair discrimination to prevent locals from accessing the casino altogether or to place higher regulations on their participation than foreigners,” Rev Yabaki said.

Suitable regulations would need to be in place to ensure that appropriate consideration is given to:

• The impact on social welfare and culture;

• Mismanagement of finances (possible increase in debt and poverty);

• Gambling addictions (and associate problems such as alcohol/drug abuse and depression);

• The location and/or number of casinos should be determined only after a comprehensive impact assessment report is done.

“It should be able to benefit the people of Fiji, including the local economy, and not just visiting tourists and overseas investors and measures need to be in place to address any adverse impact this development might have,“ Rev Yabaki said. “Only one casino should be sufficient for a country like Fiji.”

For further information, contact CCF on ph: 3308379 or fax: 3308380.

Rev Akuila Yabaki
Chief Executive Officer

Citizens’ Constitutional Forum Limited
23 Denison Road, PO Box 12584, Suva, Fiji
Phone: [679] 3308 379 Fax: [679] 3308 380
added on Saturday 30th
from fiji fbc
Hey, I reckon there's more to a casino than just making money for the Fiji government. There's the whole ethical notion about greed, and also winning and losing. Crime, money laundering, lots of things are associated with casinos that should be questioned seriously. The Methodist Church leaders need to pull up their socks and speak up loudly and clearly, not wait for another day, another time.

Tourism sector supports casino
Saturday, October 30, 2010

The Fiji tourism association believes the announcement by government to set up a casino in Fiji would increase visitor arrivals in the country. Association president Dixon Seeto says it will not only attract visitors from the Asian market but increase Fiji’s revenue earnings in the tourism sector. He says Air Pacific’s flight to and from Hong Kong will also feel the effect as more visitor from Hong Kong will be coming to Fiji.

Seeto says government made a smart move by putting in place certain measures to control and protect the locals from negative social impacts that could arise once casino begins operations. The association believes the setting up of a casino in Fiji would also create employment opportunities. He told FBC news that the legislations that would govern the operations of the casino in Fiji would eliminate the gambling problems experienced by other countries that have casinos.

Report by : Maca Lutunauga


nzm said...

Worst idea ever.

Bring back Crown and Anchor!

Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

Oh hello NZM.
I am a wowser I know. There's chance in life, people keep on telling me, but that's only an excuse for wanting a bet here and there. It's horse-racing time in Melbourne and almost everyone has a flutter - but not me. I'm very straight-laced about some things! Rock, scissors, paper, that's enough for me!

Kirstie Close said...

Hi Wendy, I am so over all the gambling/betting ads on tv at the moment here. Who on earth wants to win a prize to have a TAB stall set up in their backyard for a party? Has the world gone mad? I concede a casino is not the same but the whole thing just seems to be like throwing money down the toilet. You'll have to call me a wowser too,I think.

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neatyanand said...

Casino,rich never go there poor people dream of getting rich but at last they loose every penny,what is government thinking,country have enough issue as it is,them tourist are great but they don't drop a bundle,it is the local people who will risk everything,for crying out loud say no no no to casino.....fiji canadian

Anonymous said...

I actually disagree about the "rich people" never go there statement, people from all walks of life frequent casinos.

I think if they make it a "no locals" casino then they stand a chance of gaining something from it. Once they open it up to everyone then we will certainly see problems.

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