Wednesday, March 24, 2010

youth training institute damaged in cyclone

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I was sorry to read of the destruction at the youth training place next to our land at Nukutatava out of Labasa.Two photos above show the buildings before the cyclone. This group is related to Christian Mission Fellowship and Oral Roberts University in USA so they get plenty of funding. Nature and accidents just happen to anybody, good and bad alike. Facing the sea and overlooking Vorovoro and Mali Island they must have got the strong wind forces as they face the Mali Passage. There is another story about Nukutatava in the Fiji papers this week but the tragedy of a fire concerns our family so I don't want to tell it here.
from Fiji Sun today:
Church rebuilds institute

Staff members of the World Harvest Institute at Nukutatava, Vanua Levu watched in horror as their buildings were pulversised by Cyclone Tomas. The institute is located near the sea and is now closed.

Beside the institute there is a picnic spot with bures for locals and tourists.

Labasa World Harvest Institute farm manager, Asaeli Tila said the root crops and vegetable farm had been destroyed. “All the cassava, vegetables, coconut, breadfruit and bananas have been damaged,” he said. He said the institute was to open by the end of this month and now there was not enough food to cater for students.

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