Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Hot Cross Buns and Easter Eggs

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Though these are fun and great for children at this time in the year, I do think we have often gone overboard into the commercial side of it all. I was near the Aldi's Supermarket (after I went to the library) and saw this big bunny waiting for children to come and hug him/her for photographs which I presume are not free to the parents. Bunnies and Easter - I suppose there is a kind of connection to do with fertility and the rite of spring which the earlier word for Easter was about. And the notion that rabbits lay eggs, well, that's a bit far-fetched.And hot cross buns are tasty but they were on sale three months ago. A few weeks ago some children came to our front door selling hot cross buns for their primary school (the buns to be delivered alter on). We parted with $10 at the time, and so far the kids haven't come back. Tomorrow is Good Friday and school has broken up for the holidays. Have we been had? Children actually should not be sent door-knocking these days anyway. So I'm a bit cross and cranky already about how this Holy Season is celebrated - in Australia.
Later - Friday afternoon:
Well, we didn't buy any Hot Cross Buns, but after our Good Friday worship this morning which was quietly stimulating - and shocking with a drama involving hammering nails to a wooden cross - good leadership from Rev Richard - and not too many blunders from the organist - one of the guys announced that there was morning tea after all and lots of Hot Cross Buns. Then talking with friends, sometimes deep and meaningful. (Our family call this 'kana' ministry.) And a bag full of buns for me to take home for the guys at home, though Peceli has gone up to Melbourne to his church congregation there and then I guess he'll visit families in the newer suburbs nearby.
And, later again, this time on Saturday afternoon: Well, a little girl knocked on the door and delivered the promised hot cross buns, only a day late, but that was good as we are having a barbecue with visitors from Wyndam Vale.

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