Tuesday, September 02, 2014

Where is the Golan Heights?

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As our minds are diverted away from the imminent elections to the forty-five Fijian men captured by the rebels in the Golan Heights, many of us just wonder what they are doing there and why is this place in such chaos. Firstly, when I found  a map I noticed the location of Damascus and wondered if this is the area where Paul had his epiphany experience on the road to Damascus. Secondly when I looked up internet sites I saw that it was earlier a problem between Syria and Israel but at present it is internal - a civil war, so what task has been given to the United Nations soldiers?  Perhaps they should not be there. The Middle East is the place where three world religions originated and also a place where there were outstanding cultural life in some periods of their history.  It is very sad indeed as we are concerned about our Fijian men as well as the destruction of social life for thousands of Syrians.  Not counting the cruelty and horror that also is occuring.

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