Friday, September 12, 2014

Sunday to be a day of thanksgiving

from the Methodist Church in Fiji facebook page::

MEDIA RELEASE: Methodist Church to hold Thanksgiving and Peace Sundays

As the people of Fiji continue to rejoice at the safe release of the 45 Fijian soldiers serving with UNDOF in the Golan Heights who we released early this morning Fiji time, the Methodist Church is calling on all its churches to use this Sunday as a day of thanksgiving to God for the safe release of the Golan 45. 

“The whole nation has been praying and hoping for the safe release of our captured peacekeepers,” said Rev. Tevita Banivanua, Methodist Church General Secretary and President-elect.

“We have been praying for their safety, the peace of mind of their families, for the negotiators, for their captors, for the United Nations and for their colleagues in Golan, other peacekeepers around the world and for their brothers and sisters in the RFMF. Now that they have been released, it is important we who have been seeking divine intervention, give thanks to God.”

We are calling on all divisions and circuits in the Methodist Church to dedicate this Sunday as a Thanksgiving Sunday and for worship services and Sunday-School programmes to include special hymns and prayers of thanksgiving for the release of the Golan 45.”

Meanwhile with International Day of Peace (21 September, 2014) falling on a Sunday this year, the Church is also asking its members to use this time to reflect on and pray for peace.

“As elections will have been completed and as we wait for the formation of a democratically elected government, this is a God-given opportunity for Methodists and the entire nation to commit ourselves to being a peaceful people,” said Rev. Banivanua.

“As we continue to think of our peacekeepers who serve around the world in the areas of difficulty, we are called to be peacemakers and peacebuilders in our communities and our nation. “

Reflections and sermons on the theme of “Living the Peace of the Kingdom” based on Matthew 5:9 and Micah 4:3-5 are encouraged.

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