Sunday, August 31, 2014

Promises from candidates for the election

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A funny letter in today's Fiji Times reveals the silly responses from an aspiring politician.
Bridge, no river
AROUND the grog basin the other day, somebody came up with a story regarding an aspiring politician's pre-election promises in a settlement.
Candidate: "We will build the roads, health centre, school and a bridge for you."
A party supporter raised his hand and told the politician: "Excuse me, sir, there are no rivers here."
Without a second thought, the candidate replied: "So what, we will build a river".
During election campaigns, there will be aspiring politicians who will be building bridges where there are no rivers and later on making rivers to use the bridges, some will remove poverty, some will make everything free, some may increase wages while some who don't have anything to offer may be thinking of putting a "patch in the sky".
Whatever it is, one thing is for certain, there are a lot up for grabs.

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