Thursday, August 28, 2014

Rev Anil Reuben head of Vuli Talatala at Davuilevu

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Some news from Davuilevu. Best wishes to Rev Anil as he takes up the task of leadership of the Vuli Talatala at Davuilevu.
(from the Fiji Times)  Reverend Anil sails into history
Ana Madigibuli
Friday, August 29, 2014
Reverend Anil Reuben is the first Fijian of Indian descent minister to be appointed principal of the Theological College. Davuilevu Theological College's newly-elected principal Reverend Anil Reuben says he will work faithfully in his new role as it is a call from God. 
Mr Reuben has the honour of being the first Fijian of Indian descent minister in the Methodist Church in Fiji to take up the important position in the church.
"I am really honoured to be elected as the new principal of the college and the church support towards me has been tremendous," Mr Reuben said. "My life changed tremendously when I gave my life to God; that was when things began to change for me.  would like to let the church and the nation know that I will work faithfully and I will not change anything because the changes only come from God," he said. "God is gradually changing the Theological College and things have changed a lot now like getting sermons online."
He said he would allow the Holy Spirit to bring about changes in the college when he takes up his new role. "One of the things that we emphasise in the college is the missionary commission; it is where they are trained physically, spiritually and mentally," Mr Reuben said. "The program is designed as such that the college students partake in all three aspects of life."
He said the college was fully-sponsored by the Methodist Church and students did not contribute anything to their studies apart from helping in raising funds for minor projects.

And here's a youtube video of Rev Anil.

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