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Less staff for Fiji schools

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From 787 experienced teachers to 434 young graduate teachers. Now that means a loss of about 350 staff in the Fiji schools. Many classrooms already have large numbers of children, up to 50 in one class so really they should be adding to, not subtracting. I was saddened to hear that the principals of both Jasper Williams High School and Dudley High School had to leave last week because of this over-55 retirement decree.

Anyway; here's a thought for the people of Fiji -
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No re-employment for teachers: BoleThursday, May 07, 2009

Bole says they have to comply with the 10% eduction in the size of the civil service.

The Education Ministry will not re-employ those 787 teachers who have retired last month. Education Minister Filipe Bole says they have acquired the number of teachers to fill the vacant positions left by the retirees and there is no need for the re-engagement of any of them since they are reducing the number of its human resource. He says this is to comply with the 10% reduction in the size of the civil service without compromising the quality of education.

The Ministry has a total of 439 unemployed graduates who are ready to be recruited into the teaching force. These new recruits will continue the effective operation of all schools and allow for the delivery of quality education to the children of Fiji. Meanwhile all new teachers recruited for maritime schools will be transported to their respective schools by the government boat.

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