Saturday, May 16, 2009

Nadi people know how to party

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Last night we went to a 60th birthday party for Andrew Muscat in Melbourne, organised by the Nadi Fiji people, relatives of Andrew's beloved wife, Lo, who died about two years ago. Andrew is an amazing man, humble and kind and a kind of grandpa to Pau and Sefa. The respect the Fijians in Melbourne have for Andrew is truly great and the party was splendid so here are a few photos. Andrew and Lo were there right in the beginning when the former Fijian Methodists got together to start a congregation in Melbourne. There was an empty seat next to Andrew during the dinner in memory of Lo, but then the party got going with dancing to Inoki's and another guy singing Fijian and Hindi songs.


Liz said...

Ahh isa...just surfin the web and came across this blog re: Fiji day...wanted to know where it was this year...then found fotos of Uncle Andrew's birthday which I missed out on last weekend. My bro & sis went tho. We are cousins with Pau & Seva. Glad to see that everyone had a great time. Great pics!! Bula!

Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

Bula vinaka Liz. Yes, it was a great party. Pau's speech was priceless. Also there was a beautiful speech by Makelesi (tram driver). Waisake was there too - enjoying himself but I didn't post his photo.