Monday, May 11, 2009

The bridge at Vatuadova

from Talei
It's me Talei about the bridge in Vatudova. Yes its not completed yet coz the government had some economic problems so there was less money to pay the PWD workers. Uncle Boso, Waisake, Etika, Eroni are working there too. Today their work started. We're enjoying our holiday and it's not raining. Everyone in Vatudova are well and healthy.

We went to Naduri for the Bose Vakayabaki and its was the first time for the Tuatua church for the singing competition. We left Tuatua at 6.00pm and somewhere near Tabia the bus caught fire. Lucky the driver stopped the bus and no one was injured then they tried to put the fire out. Then we have to wait for a long time for another bus to come. We reached Naduri at 10.00pm.The koro was so big and was overcrowded and the water was so dirty and brown that was unsafe to drink. The Soqo ni marama came 2nd and the Turaga came 3rd. We came back at 4.00am in the morning. The Bose Vakayabaki will be held in Namuka next year. So that's about Labasa.
from w
Vina'a va'alevu Talei. A good story.

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