Friday, May 08, 2009

Vorovoro open for another three years!

Making pawpaw jam from the Vorovoro kitchen.
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There is good news from the tribewanted website that the eco-tourism/workcamp project on Vorovoro Island will continue for a further three years. Yes, the way to go! This project by young people and attracting adventurous kind of young people from many countries has proved to be a valuable innovative kind of eco-tourism where there is respect for the local community, plenty of interaction and employment for our relatives, the Mali island men and women and the children paricularly of the District School. This is quite dofferent from the experience of many tourists who just have a holiday and the local people serve their needs for luxury. Okay, okay Meg and others, some resorts are excellent in tourist-local relationships!

Post from Bengazi, Vorovoro, Fiji
Posted 3 days ago
Good news tribe, island and Fiji lovers – thanks to all your hard work and support since 2006, Vorovoro is now formally open for another three years!

What have you achieved so far?

Collectively invested approaching $2,000,000 into the local economy in Northern Fiji.
Generated 20 full-time jobs and fundraising for four villages
Supported the development of the local school and communities
Built an island village!
Raised awareness about and made changes towards more sustainable living
Won posh digital media awards, recorded an album, been on the telly and in magazines
Made friends, connections and memories for life.

A report of the first three years of Tribewanted: Vorovoro will be available later in the year and there will be discussions between now and then as to future plans for the project.

You can now book your stay on Vorovoro any time between September 2009 and August 2012.


Aaron said...

First ever full bodied coffee shop, Hot Kultcha Coffee Shop in Labasa has been getting customers from vorovoro 4 days in a week and all check ins and check outs go thru the coffee shop. Thank you Vorovoro (Jimbo and his crew)
((Aaron Singh...Born in Labasa, raised in Tua tua Housing))

meg said...

Vorovoro just continues to set amazing examples to the rest of the world, totally admirable.

We really would like to find the time to escape there for a week sometime this year... I'm happy to donate photography work to them too if they need. said...

It can't work as a matter of fact, that's what I suppose.