Saturday, May 09, 2009

Fiji kids in Geelong

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Instead of having a great lunch today - as Peceli went up to Altona Meadows and will have lunch in a Chinese restaurant in Footscray with his congregation, there's just me and Junior here, eating leftovers from a little party last night with Siteri's family - two daughters, little kids, Musu (who is from Kuku, Tailevu, and lives with us here) and his son Noa, and other guys. Curry and rice, pickled pork, cassava pie, and so on. Nice to have small children in the house. Mother's Day gets complicated of course when families are separated by work, or all kinds of other reasons, and parenting is by single men or women, or aunts or grandparents. May God bless motherless children today and also mothers who grieve over separation from their children because of mental illness, legal proceedings, and so on.

And here's a picture from the archives - our three boys when they were quite young - up a tree when we lived in Hopetoun.