Monday, May 18, 2009

'Hello this is Bob from Brisbane!'

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The call centre employees in Australia are paid about $15 an hour and I have heard the girls and boys in Fiji are paid $2 an hour so obviously that's why they are moving business across the sea. Usually it is India that raises our ire at evening meal time with their 'Hello, this is Bob from Brisbane' and I answer 'Kaise hai bhaiya' etc. These kind of calls are very very annoying to receive.
From a Fiji paper today:
ATH to set up major call centre
Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Update: 5:34PM CALL centres of Amalgamated Telecom Holdings companies will be consolidated to form a $2.5million entity that will employ 400 people when it is fully operational. Chief executive Tomasi vakatora said the investment, which will be located in Suva, was a strategic move to expand the group's business in ICT and related areas in Business Processing Outsourcing by using subsidiary companies' telecommunications and broadband network. The ATH group includes Vodafone, FINTEL, Connect and TelecomFiji.

etc. etc. etc. yadayadayada.

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