Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Tribewanted website

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I noticed that the tribewanted website has a different look - it's one year on - includes some good reading of their recent developments. - such as -
Island Development: The story so far (Edit)
In the first few months on Vorovoro the people of Mali, the team and the tribe members have built:

Three compost toilets complete with coconut swinging doors
A kitchen complete with stone oven and recycling units
The ‘Great Bure’ (big Fijian style house) and a mini bure
Two sky-view bucket showers in the woods
A 3 water-tank, guttering, and hand-pump rainwater catchment system
A bunk house
An outdoor dining area
A wood store
A floating pontoon and jetty on the south side of the island
A farm where fruit, vegetables and chickens are thriving
Renovated one of the family houses and added recycling unit to the village
Cleaned-up the main beach and village.

(Later: On Friday tribewanted posted the sad news of the death of Pita, one of our relatives. Pita is a lovely man who spent part of his teenage years at Vatuadova and then he became a carpenter. He did a lot of the work in developing Vorovoro Island tribewanted site. Our relatives are going to Mali Island tomorrow for some of the ceremonies associated with the funeral.

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