Monday, September 03, 2007

Another visit to Vorovoro

from w.
Peceli is still in Labasa and visited Vorovoro again and sent these photos this morning. He intends to go to Suva, before the Air Pacific flight home to Geelong at the weekend.

Lucky we don't live in Sydney as this week it's gone crazy with lock-downs and high walls and fences to keep the American President safe. Protesters are gearing up for action it seems. Significant world leaders should have their meetings on a quiet little atoll in the middle of the Pacific to stop all of this excessive security. Send 'em to Nukulau eh?


Anonymous said...

Does anyone know what has happened to the exiles?

Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

It has vanished! It's anyone's guess is why - Chockchip hasn't been heard of for yonks and she was in charge. Did someone decide it was time and corrupted it somehow?
Great pity - there were some good discussions despite the repetitive tripe.
Dungeon is still there but I don't think the persistent writers will bother.
There are other ways of expressing opimions but this forum has some flair and individuals got used to the various personalities.