Saturday, September 29, 2007

A good article re conservation and custom

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In today's Fiji Times there's an interesting feature article by Alisi Daurewa which continues the discussion on capturing turtles (or not) and other issues about culture and conservation issues.


Anonymous said...

I’m due to finish university in a year or so and am considering going backpacking across Asia, iv heard the countryside is beautiful and the people are so spiritual I think it could be an amazing opportunity to see the world. However I can only speak English and basic French, does anybody know if I would need to learn Hindi? Another problem is how to go about learning Hindi, or any other language that I would need! Is there any good language learning software available that’s pretty cheap?

Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

Good luck for having the opportunity to go to Asia. Are you going mainly to India? There are numerous different languages even in India. English is used anyway by many people. I suggest you go to a website, thorntree, a Lonely Planet site, and ask your question there.
Of course it's lovely to be able to communicate in local languages and when you are there, use some little language books and practice the language.