Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Flying Fijians barely flew

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Peceli and Junior watched the Fiji v Japan rugby on TV in the middle of the night, and though Fiji did win, it was rather poor play. Come on, show the world what Fijians can do!
from Fiji Village today:
Flying Fijians escape with close win
The FMF Flying Fijians 15's rugby team escaped with a close 35-31 win against Japan in their opening pool game in the Rugby World Cup this morning. Fiji scored a bonus point win with four tries, two of them going to Akapusi Qera and one each to vice Captain Kele Leawere and Seru Rabeni. Fiji opened their scoring with a penalty to Nicky Little in the 2nd minute of play to also give him his 600 points in the international Test match level.

At half-time Fiji had a slim lead of 10 points to 9 with a penalty to Little and a run away try from open-side Akapusi Qera from inside Fiji's own 22 meter line.The side was also reduced to 14 men after wing, Filimoni Delasau was sent off because of a high tackle. Fiji scored 3 more tries in the second half but was pressured all the way by the Japanese to the 80th minute of play. Luckily for Fiji the Japanese could not score a try with 3 more minutes of play added to the game. Fiji's second pool game is on Monday morning against Canada at 12am.


Pandabonium said...

A violent sport - like American football, but without the helmets and padding. I never understood the appeal of either.

Anonymous said...

A violent Sports?
Why do people like violent sports?
I just asked myself why did I like playing Rugby when I was at School?
I don't know the proper answer but because you are expected to learn the hard way and win the game and it not so bad

Anonymous said...

we need caucau in the team!! hes ban is over, we need to win. but i doubt both are possible.