Thursday, September 06, 2007

Tadra (dream) kahani (story)

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While middle-aged wolves huff and puff and try to blow the house down, teachers and children are gearing up for the Tadra Kahani. This year’s festival has been launched and the main events will be on next week in Suva. Primary, Secondary, Tertiary students will entertain on Wednesday, 12 September, and Thursday, 13 September 2007 at the Vodafone Arena, Laucala Bay, Suva.

Tadra – is Fijian for dreaming, and Kahani is Hindi for story. Way to go.

Greenpeace have posted some fabulous photographs of the dancing at the youth festival last year.

The poster making competition for Tadra Kahani is a creative way to get the children thinking of the theme ‘Positive Lifestyles’ and Fiji Village posted many great pictures of the children at work on their art.I have reposted some of them here:

One of the winners this year was the Montfort Boys. Congratulations.


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