Sunday, September 02, 2007

Miss Friendly North

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two news items from the Fiji Times
Nizbat wins crown for her grandfather
Monday, September 03, 2007

From left Miss Friendly North Nizbat Ali, first runner up Makarita Luveicei, second runner up Roselyn Kumar.

MISS Friendly North 2007, Nizbat Ali dedicated her win to her grandfather as his Father's Day gift. Crowned as the northern queen on Saturday night, the second year student nurse of Sangam Nursing School in Labasa said her win was the best gift she could give her grandfather. The 20-year-old was sponsored by the Labasa Cancer Society.

She said she was confident of winning. "My family had confidence in me and always told me that I could do it so I kept that in mind throughout the festival week," Ms Ali said. She urged youths of the northern division to always believe in themselves and think positive. "That's important and I want to remind youths that believing in themselves makes a big difference in life," she said. "The other contestants also helped in a big way with words of encouragement and support we shared with each other during the week," said Ms Ali, who won herself an Air Pacific sponsored return trip to Sydney, Australia, with $500 pocket money from the festival committee.
Miss Labasa Chamber of Commerce, Roselyn Kumar received two crowns when she grabbed the Miss Charity and second runner up titles. Ms Kumar raised $11,010 and will travel to Auckland with $500 pocket money.

The two women will fly to Nadi from Labasa with sponsors Pacific Sun.
For her second runner up prize, she will spend two nights accommodation at Hotel Takia in Labasa. First runner up, Miss Naodamu Community, Makarita Luveicei will spend two nights accommodation at the Garden Island Resort in Taveuni and travel by Consort Shipping.

The festival raised $47,700 and committee assistant secretary Roshan Lal said the week-long festival was a successful one despite the economic situation.

Huge crowd turn up to see north queens
Sunday, September 02, 2007

A HUGE crowd gathered to witness the float procession of seven contestants in the Vodafone Festival of the Friendly North yesterday. It was one of the highlights of the final day. The contestants, Miss Naodamu Community, Makarita Luveicei, Miss Fiji Sugar Corporation Rusila Melokibau, Miss Labasa Chamber of Commerce Roselyn Kumar, Miss Northern Health Services Kriti Prasad, Miss Labasa Town Council Aonira Taboia, Miss Cancer Society Nizbat Ali and Miss Fiji Teachers Union Ema Togamalo were confident in their floats.

The crowd braved the hot sun and walked through the town to Subrail Park cheering and clapping for their queens. Eroni Sauqaqa, 52, who travelled from Nabouwalu in Bua to watch the float procession labelled the event as an admirable one because it brought together people from all walks of life. "I come almost every year and this event is a good example of building bridges among the different races in helping unite the communities. "It brings people together and everyone enjoys together irrespective of race, colour or religion and we should introduce more of such events," Mr Sauqaqa said. Children cheered and called out to the contestants who gracefully waved and smiled at the crowd. Five-year-old Salote Senibulu of Vunivau, outside Labasa Town, only nodded her head when asked if she enjoyed the float procession.

Rajesh Kumar, 12, of Batinikama outside Labasa, said that it was his first day at the festival and the first few hours were exciting. "I stayed home throughout the week to do my studies and this is my first day at the festival and I am enjoying it already. The festival is fun and I met a lot of friends and relatives so it's fun to be part of the festival," Mr Kumar said.

Queen's committee chairman Doreen Robinson said the contestants put up a lot of work in the week to face a huge crowd, an experience that made them nervous in the first few nights. "The support from families was good and saw the girls through the week of the festival," Mrs Robinson said.

The festival ended last night with the crowning.
I remember that in earlier years there was an Adi Babasiga Festival and Militoni from the NLTB asked Peceli and I to help a bit with one festival. The winner was Vilisi, a teenage girl. She was too young to travel to Australia by herself so I had to make a trip with her and I took our two little boys. (This was before Junior's birth at Labasa hospital). Vilisi had a lovely holiday but was awed by the tall buildings in Sydney, much happier with my family in a small country town.


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who to contact in terms of shooting an expression of interest for taking part in next years friendly north festival?


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whom to contact when we want to take part in the festival next year

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whom to contact for taking part in the festival this year ???