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thorntree discussion on - is it okay to go to Fiji

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A good site for reading ordinary postings about travelling in the South Pacific is at the Lonely Planet's thorntree site. Here's a sample of what's been said this week about Fiji.
Posted: 15 Jun 2007

Is New Zealand ever going to give up? Nothing will deteriorate here. It's absolutely unfair to scare your own citizens! How many New Zealanders and Australians did I talk to who were completely "pi.... off " with their country to publish those stupid travel warnings. Those travellers find more peace here than in their own country. But you will probably have to fly over to be convinced. Tourism and politics are 2 pair of shoes here, Come as a guest, you are more than welcome, try to tell them what to do? you have bad luck.
I' m writing this as someone who has spent almost 2 decades in Fiji and after all this time still does not understand or comprehend ALL Fijian etiquette - because it is so diverse.
As a European you will never be able to completely understand the way of thinking of the Fijian people, no matter how long you have lived here and how much you did get involved in their culture and customs. But I'm sure it would help already if Helen Clark only lived here for one year! Maybe she would at least understand that not the Fijian government ( whichever it might be!) is being hurt by New Zealand's actions but mainly Indian and European (a lot of them from her own country) businesses.

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Levuka & Ovalau Information

Posted: 15 Jun 2007

I don't think anybody here is scared, bulabear.
I'm sure if I did visit Fiji, as actually was my intention in the near future, it is likely I would be welcomed, and fairly unlikely that I would be caught up in significant trouble. Still, I think the Government is correct to post that advisory.
It is no longer my intention to visit, as I don't want to appear to support the regime currently holding power. The page you linked to looks mighty like a front for that regime, BTW.

We demand rigidly defined and clearly marked areas of doubt and uncertainty

Posted: 15 Jun 2007

As some one that has been bitten very much by Fijian so called nobility I back NZ totally.
I think that these people will get what they can out of the system and to hell with the man on the str4et.
Ratu is another name for ripoff. Fiji to me is a majic place with Majic people screwed by those who think they are god

and you can read Mugabe into that.
I trained in the services with fijians who I still talk to and they will have nothing to do with this lot.
My advice is do not invest in Fiji they will take the lot and smile while they do. Visit but dont buy
I may sound bitter but I still love the place and the prople not the Idiots that want wreck it


Posted: 15 Jun 2007

The article that Bulabear links to is the press statement issued by the interim prime minister, which just shows he doesn't understand the ramifications of his actions.

However, most of the newspapers speak against the action in their commentaries. In fact the Fiji Times is absolutely scathing of the government's action in its editorial.

In addition, of course, one of NZ's more experienced journalists was refused entry to Fiji and deported. And, in addition, Fiji has refused to grant visas for 2 NZ police to travel to Fiji to protect the NZ Ambassador.

Posted: 15 Jun 2007

History has shown---at least to date---that the political problems in Fiji rarely impact on tourists. The main disruption in past coups has been the closing of the airport for a few days at the height of a crisis. IMHO, I don't think people planning to visit fiji should be put off by an NZ govt advisory.

Posted: 15 Jun 2007

by the way op, new zealanders are just that, 'new zealanders'...............not 'europeans'!

and why should'nt helen clark condem the actions of a non elected government in the interest of indigenous fijians and the indian community?

if you read the original post #5, the nz govt advises that the current situation could escalate, it doesn't advise travellers not to holiday on the island resorts or in the north west, which is where most people visit.

Posted: 15 Jun 2007

my first comment was actually for #1, 'bulabear'..........!!

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