Wednesday, June 27, 2007

All Saints Secondary School

From Peceli

All Saints High School Labasa

This school is still going strong with a long history of developing education for multiracial students in the Northern Division. It started off as a boys school, but then became co-educational.

Because it is next to the Qawa River east of Labasa on the road to Vaturekuka where the government headquarters used to be. Floods happen quite often in Labasa and All Saints School gets flooded. We call this area Vulovi, the low hying part of the Qawa river. It is not far from the Labasa Sugar Mill.

There’s a song called ‘Vulovi na vanua ni vanua ni salusalu.’

When I was in Labasa a week ago I visited All Saints School with Father Emosi Petueli, an Anglican priest. The lady principal showed us around and told us about how far the flood reached. It was the worst flood damage in the history of Vulovi she said.

We were there to give them books and computers and teaching material from the Donation in Kind Geelong. The container we sent included gifts for about twenty schools in the Labasa area.


Anonymous said...

I am an old scholer of All Saints Secondary School and I am wanting to design a Web site for the old scholers. I need as much ideas I can so if any of you old scholers come are out there always surfing the web please surf by my way and drop me an email. I can be reached on

To the Madam Principal you are doing a great job thanks for that. My dream is that one day ALLS will be a force to be reckoned with in the field of Education as well as it is we the ALLS family are already half way there. Thanks to you the Teachers Staff and Principal Mrs McKnezie for making it all possible..I was proud to see ALLS perform well in the Fiji Finals this Year 2008. Eventhough we didnot win alot of Medals your performance was remarkable...let's improve that next year guys..Cheers VM ALLS OLD SCHOLER....

Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

First of all does the present All Saints school have a website? it would be good if they did to show us what is happening these days.
Good luck with your project to set up a website for old scholars. Good idea. Dudley school has one.

Anonymous said...

this is 1 of the well known school in babasiga, n the teachers are cool espeacially mr lekenaua hes 1 of my best teacher,n also the students they are good. i like all saints.

Angie said...

I am an old scholer too(1994 - 1999) and it would be exciting to meet up with other old scholers espcially after so long from school.Need updates!!!!!

Angeline Pickering

Anonymous said...

whats All Saints Old Scholars Website,can anyone please post in in these page

Lipo said...


Im also an old scholar having attended All Saints from Saint Marys Primary School. If you were in All Saints from 1986 - 1988 would like to hear form you. I was there form Form 1 - Form 3 then moved on to Suva Grammar School.

Let me know if you were in All Saints during teh given years. My email address if

Filipo Masaurua

Saroj Lata said...

Hi !! My name is saroj and I went to school in the year of 1972 s1973 . Trying to locate my classmates . How can I ? Any ideas

Anonymous said...

hi my name is vereimi tukula and I attend all saint secondary school this year one thing I like the that school because teachers are socializing with studentz and they are good teacherz