Thursday, June 07, 2007

Are you going to the Turtle Ball in Suva?

from W
To celebrate World Oceans Day they are having a Turtle Ball in Suva, at $100 a head. I don’t think Peceli is going, even though he’s there in Suva and supports the turtles … I hope. It’s a black tie affair, and I can just see all those turtles dressed in their best finery! Sounds a bit like Alice and Wonderland and the lobsters’ quadrille!
From today’s newspaper in Fiji;
Ms Prabha said everyone was connected to the ocean somehow whether they lived along the coast or inland. "The theme for this year's celebration is food Security Beyond Climate Change' with a particular emphasis on protecting our mangroves, which are a nursery for many of our ocean foods." Ms Prabha said the WOD program, which was being supported by Ocean Soaps Limited, included a day's exhibition of marine materials and live display of marine turtles at Suva's lower Civic Centre.

She said as a finale to World Oceans Day activities on Friday, a formal turtle Benefit Ball' was scheduled for the evening. The main focus of the Ball was to raise awareness on sea turtle conservation and funds to support their protection.

"Sea turtles which play an extremely vital role in maintaining the health of our oceans are an irreplaceable part of the natural and cultural heritage of Fiji and the wider Pacific," said Ms Prabha.

"Additionally, a national high school art and poem competition on oceans and protecting our turtles will be launched at the Turtle Ball. This black tie affair also aims at gathering corporate support for environmental issues in Fiji."


Pandabonium said...

Good cause. Nothing seems more absurd than a tuxedo in the tropics!
This reminds of the old Shirley Temple song "At the Codfish Ball"

"It's some affair they'll all be there
From the Herring to the Whale
They'll turn out to shake a scale
In Neptune's Hall"

Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

Yes, certainly a good cause. But I just shake my head in the absurdies in Fiji and now Ratu Jone (in a consultation in Canberra) has likened the situation in Fiji to an Alice in Wonderland scenaria!