Monday, June 04, 2007

Peter's passionateless poker face

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Last night there was an interview on Australian TV with the con-man Peter Foster. The interview was made three years ago, but aired last night as a series on 'interviewing the criminal mind' so it was updated with comments, and pictures which included one of his slip in the waterways of Pacific Harbour, being captured by police. The transcript could not be put on the web for legal reasons. The program could not be aired in Queensland for legal reasons. What a narcissistic guy he is and the fibs he can tell! There is no humour in the tall tales at all. His face was expressionless, a world of his own fantasy. Despite a lifetime of conning people and bouts in prison in various countries he had the audacity to call the interviewer, Andrew Denton, a liar and con-man! It's really fortunate that he is out of Fiji waters these days!

I can overlook a person's bad behaviour if they come to their senses. Also one wrong decision should not affect a person's whole life, but a persistent liar and con-man is the pits!


Pandabonium said...

Maybe he can get an appointment in the Bush administration. :o

Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

Hmmm. Blatant lying seems to be the way the world is turning. It's so sad.
Anyway there are others with faces that beam love. The Dalai Lama is in Australia but as he's a bit tired some of the gigs have been cancelled, including a free event in Geelong where 4000 tickets were given out. Now he's a man with an animated face.