Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Customs, bottles at airports in Melbourne and Nadi

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With one son returning from Fiji on Sunday night, and Peceli off to Fiji last night we've been telling stories about going through customs. Sometimes scissors or knives are taken off us, but this time the emphasis has been on bottles. One time a jar of pickled chillies broke inside my bag and the customs guy had to give me a bandaid after I started to bleed after getting a cut.

At Nadi airport a bottle of Fiji water was confiscated, so Junior just drank the whole bottle first! Peceli was given a pamphlet by the travel agent about the size of eye drops, toothpaste, etc. which seemed rather innocuous compared with his camera, mobile, radio/tape-recorder etc.

I know there are always questions about dirt on your feet after being on a farm. And a body scan at times!

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