Sunday, December 12, 2010

One day at a time

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Some news about the Fiji Methodist Church and one day meetings for next year. A conference in a day, vakatotolo indeed. Therefore a disconnect with the vanua greetings and leisurely meals. I remember the time the conference was held at Cuvu when there was a large amount of time spent on ceremony, reviving old customs, and a very real connection wtih the vanua. Well, this time it's business only. Some say a good thing. From Fiji FBC this evening
Fiji Methodists to meet in August 2011
Monday, December 13, 2010
The Methodist Church will now hold their annual conference in August next year – but only for a day. Church assistant General Secretary Rev Tevita Nawadra says this was decided in their meeting this afternoon. The 'Bose Vula Tolu' – or quarterly meeting will be held in March next year and the 'Bose Vakayabaki' – or annual meeting of each division will be held in May 2011. The dates were decided after government last week gave the Methodist Church approval to hold their meetings. Rev Nawadra is urging church members to adhere to the conditions of the approval of the meeting. The 3 meetings will have to be held in a day each. The annual conference is usually held over a week – with the annual bazaar – to raise money for the church’s operations and on-going activities. Rev Nawadra adds - the annual bazaar will not be held next year. The meetings were initially banned last year on the grounds that political subjects would be discussed - and could lead to trouble.

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However there's something about Centenary Church that annoys some people. Ex-politicians preaching at the weekend. Okay if the words are insightful, not inciteful. Nice people at Centenary of course, conservative, and not entirely representative of the whole Methodist Church in Fiji. Go to Timothy Church in Navua, Dilkusha, Dudley, Butt Street,but they don't get into the news.