Sunday, December 26, 2010

Making a lovo for Christmas

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Bula si'a. Far away from Fiji and our land in babasiga it's still possible to make an incredibly good lovo. An underground oven. On Saturday Peceli, a son, and three grandchildren worked very well together from about 6 a.m. to steam our three pieces of pork, some dalo, kumala and potatoes. As it was cooking most of us went off to the local Uniting Church while Epa watched the lovo. By 11.30 the lovo was ready to open and everything was cooked beautifully. Lovely when the men do the main cooking and my daughter-in-law and I prepared shellfish and prawns etc. What is more important is that each generation of men and boys learn how to participate in Fijian cultural traditions such as the making of an underground oven.

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Merry Christmas ! to all of you. Lovo is my one of the favorite food item for Christmas. My mother always made a so many food items on Christmas.