Sunday, August 02, 2009

Some light reading for a change

from w.
This afternoon we were in Altona Meadows/Laverton Uniting Church for the Fijian service then picked up a snack at Macdonalds, then went to Wyndam Vale to have kava and dinner with Sailosi Koto's family. They had a little white rabbit - being fed with grated carrot and lettuce leaves. I said give 'Ben' (a girl or a boy no-one knows) grass from outside. Oh no, says the young owner, Ben wants carrot and lettuce. When I said we can cook the rabbit for dinner she was shocked! I told her we used to eat rabbit for dinner and her eyes widened. Then she showed me her music book and a song she learnt.

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tukana said...

hi wendy..elizabeth saw her photo today and told me to tell you that Ben has been moved from the wasroom to the upgrade lol...god bless