Friday, September 24, 2010

What do we want, we want it now!

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What do the elderly want in a park? There's talk about refurbishing part of the Thurston Gardens near the Museum especially as a park for elderly people. So, who is elderly? Over ninety, or over sixty? And that's me, so what do we want, and we want it now. Already there is a nice little park near the seawall not far from Victoria Parade. The Peace Park, with benches for sitting on, nice trees and environment. But what do we really need? Okay, here's a wish list.
I. cafe for tea and scones and memorabilia on the walls
2. toilets
3. walking paths without potholes
4. ramps or slight gradient rather than steps for wheelchairs
5. a perfumed garden for the blind and seats and picnic tables
6. a touch and feel sculpture for the blind
7. free passes to the nearby museum
8. buses that stop at the corner of the park and also at the other entrance
9. free plants to take home
10. an internet cafe and free computer access for Facebook and emails as some 'elderlies' actually write blogs and email, etc.
And more of course that I haven't thought of because I'm elderly and forgetful.

And in the article is the referece to 'sitting in their homes looking at the walls' well, what about the ninety year old women of Macuata who still do gardening. I don't think Pacific people look at walls.

Park for elderly expected by Christm
Publish date/time: 24/09/2010 [16:19]

Sitting in their homes looking at the walls will now be a thing of the past for senior citizens of the country as stakeholders have come together to construct a leisure center for the elderly.

The park which will be located at the Thurston garden will be the first of its park in the Pacific.

A ground breaking ceremony was held at the Thurston Garden and during the ceremony, Social Welfare and Poverty Alleviation Minister, Dr Jiko Luveni said this is a way to repay the senior citizens in our community. She said that senior citizens have played a significant role and invested many years in the community and the country and the UN has projected that in year's to come 4 percent of the senior citizens will make up the population. The park is expected to be completed in time for Christmas.
Story by: Praneeta Deo

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