Monday, September 20, 2010

Not the Coral Coast road

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Though the drive from Nadi to Suva has its adventures, lovely scenery and surprises, this week Peceli and I drove along Australia's Great Ocean Road with its twists and turns, and even hills up and down like the big dipper at Luna Park. It was a good way to spend the day because this week many people are thinking of Peace Day and peace-making. We do live in a beautiful world despite the times of chaos and difficulties. We drove to Anglesea, Airey's Inlet, then returned by Bells Beach (a famous surf beach) and Torquay. On the way we visited two camp-sites which were once busy places for our family - the Eumerella Scout Camp and the Burnside Uniting Church campsite (now looked after by the Baptists - what is wrong with the Uniting Church these days!). We had a simple lunch in a bakery in Airey's Inlet looked after by two young surfers. Here are some photos taken yesterday.

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