Thursday, August 14, 2008

Tadra Kahani - Dreams and Visions

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Good luck to the children who are performing tonight at the Tadra Kahani concert. School is not only about lesson time but also includes the inspiration of practicing songs and drama. The themes of conservation and other relevant issues are certainly worth putting into song and dance for our young people - while their elders muck about with politicing and wish-lists on paper.

from Fijivillage today:

Seven Sec Schools Qualify for Tadra Kahani Finals
Publish date/time: 15/08/2008 [07:48]

The time has come for the finals of Tadra Kahani The Dream Story Stage Show tonight after two nights of intense competition in the Primary and Senior Divisions. Last night 7 secondary schools qualified for the final of the Senior Division. They are defending champions, Monfort Boys Town, Suva Grammar School, RKS, International Secondary, Rishikul Sanatan College, and first timers Cuvu College, Lomawai Secondary and Coral Island Academy.

With themes like Unity and Integration of the Human Being, The Dream of a Child, The Diary/Suicide Prevention, Technology De-humanises, Promoting technical and vocational training in schools, Communication and the Media, it was clear that the secondary school students want their messages to be seen and heard. They want to make a difference and hope that the leaders, decision makers and adults come out in numbers in the final night tonight to see what the young adults have to say.

Defending champs, Monfort Boys Town say they are ready for tonight. Ratu Kadavulevu School is also excited about tonight. Meanwhile Suva Grammar School said people should check them out tonight. And first timers, Cuvu College who qualified for tonight's final are really confident.

In the Primary Division, defending champions, Draiba Fijian School, Veiuto Primary, Nakelo District, Nabitu District and International School Suva will go for top honours in the finals tonight.

The finals of Tadra Kahani in the Primary and Senior Division kicks off at 7 o’clock tonight at the Vodafone Arena.


Anonymous said...

congrats to our new champs Nakelo District School........i take my hat off for the job and creativity well done

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