Saturday, August 23, 2008

More photos from Furnival Park

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Here are some more of Peceli's pictures taken at Furnival Park where the Methodist choirs and singers performed. He went there everyday and met many friends, including Rita from Darwin. I went yesterday morning and enjoyed watching the soloists, duets, and some of the choirs. Today Peceli has gone to Centenary Church downtown for the ordination service. The minister from Mali Island is one of the ordinands. Then he and some of our family here will join in a dinner party at Tacirua. The name Furnival Park reminds me of my teaching colleague and friend of many years ago, Phyllis Furnival, who was at one time principal of Dudley High School, a woman who had a passion to help young women to achieve scholastic excellence and she died tragically. I wrote a story about that time and my story was published in Tales of the Blackboard.

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