Monday, August 18, 2008

Davuilevu birthday

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Yesterday Peceli went out to Davuilevu compound where the 100th birthday celebratio of Davuilevu took place. He was a student there for six years in the 50s and there aren't many of them from that time left. In those years Dr Tippett upgraded the studies to link with Melbourne Methodist Church and Melbourne University with L Th studies, and these days they are offering Bachelor of Divinity, Masters, etc. As Rev Tui explained to a journalist, the students need to broaden their knowledge to know more about contemporary things. Whether the talk at the conference will veer towards politics, we will wait and see. You cannot really faith from a concern for justice and compassion (but definitely NOT one political party). Maybe have some view of heaven but keep your feet firmly planted in the world we now have. The kingdom of God surely starts here.

from one of today's online news: Change vital, says churchREIJELI KIKAU
Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Methodist Church in Fiji assistant general secretary Reverend Tuikilakila Waqairatu says there is a real need to upgrade church ministers' level of education.
Speaking at the 100 years celebration of the Davuilevu Theological College in Davuilevu yesterday, he said the context of evangelism in the 21st century was different from that of the previous century.

"We have experienced a lot of changes and they include the changes socially, politically and economically with the people and the churches and the ministers need to be on par with these changes all the time.

"So it is important to the ministers to upgrade their knowledge, theological education and the knowledge of secular context all the time," he said. He said ministers should know something about politics, economics and social cultural changes because these all contributed to positive changes in the building of people's lives.

Davuilevu Theological College principal Reverend Doctor Epeneri Vakadewavosa said it was important ministers were well versed and educated on the gospel because their congregations were also well educated. He said educated ministers would provide a strong sense of leadership and guidance in the face of changes.

Dr Vakadewavosa said even the apostles learned from the Lord for three years before going out to preach on their own and this testified to the importance of education in order to fulfil God's calling.

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