Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Pictures from Davuilevu and Mokosoi

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Here are some more photos Peceli took the other day at the Davuilevu 100 years celebration and at Mokosoi, Pacific Harbour where he preached last Sunday. He can write the details when I can get him to sit at the computer for five minutes instead of going to meetings and talking with old friends! They have produced an excellent historical book detailing the training of Methodist ministers over the years and listing all of the talatalas from the early days of Tongans such as Joeli Bulu. It is sad to read so many names of people we have known over the years who are no longer with us.

Mokosoi is not a traditional village but a settlement of workers who once upoa time were working at the Art Village and nearby. These days many travel the 40 minutes each way to Suva to work. One photo is of the Talatala Qase of Cuvu.

Yesterday I went into Suva city to have lunch with Peceli, with Mereoni with the task of taking some photos for me, and also buy a reader to transfer photos to the computer. We went to Morris Hedstrom (rebuilt after the fire) and it is very smart indeed. We ate roti and curry up at the third floor going up by escalator. Then we found Dick Smith's shop in the Midcity Plaza, another very clean new shopping area. Way to go! Then we explored the Suva market to buy bila (fermented cassava sticks) vakalolo, fruit and kumala. Peceli had a long day with a meeting then yarning with friends at Furnival Park.

Then the rain really came down after three weeks of dry weather. Torrential rain really drenched the city and the catchment areas out of Suva surely will no be filling which is very good news as there was a threat of restrictions. It poured and poured and the little creek below our back yard is raging today. The kids of course still want me to take them somewhere for swimming etc. but four are a handful so I'll just take two to town to meet with Peceli. Maybe.

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