Thursday, June 05, 2008

World Environment Day

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The Fiji Times have a cartoon which is a bit too realistic and over-simplifies the situation of Fiji and a cleaner environment.

One of the stories today on our media (radio and TV) is that Kiribas people are seeking a new home as their islands become drenched with high tides. Tuvalu is the same of course.

So from the small details about cleaning up our environment to serious issues such as the sea rising, it's time to be serious about our world's natural resources. I won't talk about the little fishies in the reefs of Macuata - once we boasted about how responsible our people there were being in making a tabu on the reef, then, blow me down, they messed up when they caught all of those turtles to feed the talatalas at the conference at Naduri. Such are the contradictions of life.


meg said...

that is SOOOOOO true, both the cartoon, and your comment about the turtle munchers (grrrrrrr).

On another of your topics our kids are allowed cell phones due to the nature of their trip to school. If for any reason their boat and school bus don't connect they need to be able to phone us! Phones are banned at their school, but our guys have special permission to carry them for this reason, as long as they have them off during school hours. Last year however the school bus broke down on the way to school and the school office was inundated with angry calls from parents- whose children had phoned them from the side of the road with their (banned?) cell phones!

Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

Hello Meg,
Thanks for you comments. About the phones, it seems these days kids do need the phones which is amazing because - how did we live without them when we were young! But they inrude upon the lives of people so so much. You walk down the street and young people aren't even looking where they are going because they're glued to phones. And over here you see drivers even text messaging as they drive. Peceli has a mobile but it's not used much.