Saturday, June 21, 2008

Where's my luggage?

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I didn't know whether to laugh or what when I phoned Peceli in Cuvu around midday today. He flew to Fiji yesterday - Melbourne - Sydney - Nadi. I said, 'All your luggage got there okay? The two bags?' I was only joking... but his reply floored me. 'No. They're still in Sydney! Twenty two of us didn't get our bags!' I wanted to laugh but couldn't because I was thinking of tourists with kids, people with connecting flights, etc. It's okay for Peceli as he's staying with friends and can borrow clothes, and I guess his bible and sermons were in his backpack anyway. That's all he needed for today! Peceli said that Air Pacific staff told them the luggage would come today or tomorrow. Well, that's life. Sega na leqa.

Then I did a google search on Air Pacific, lost baggage etc. and found numerous stories and many complaints. Hmmm. Not good enough. One story was funny though - not Air Pacific - a woman with twenty bags of luggage got all hers intact while others had their bags left behind. Maybe it's about too much overweight luggage. Surely with computers these days someone could double-check lists of passengers with lists of baggage and make it all work!

from Peceli,
I am so happy to be in Rukurukulevu especially being with the family of Mereula and Jerry. They stay close to the beach with beautiful surroundings. I had a big church Service that went well and had a good lunch - magiti, uvi, and dalo, fish with lolo, and duruka. The weather here is beautiful and I had to bath in cold water this morning.

(and on Monday morning) Last night the Air Pacific Staff delivered my lost suit cases at home in Rukurukulevu thank goodness. Vinaka Air Pacific.

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