Monday, June 09, 2008

A truckload of mattresses

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Oh dear! A truck going to Labasa was intercepted in the Seaqaqa region carrying very sweet smelling mattresses. Here's a picture that tells it all - from the Fiji Times. Okay, okay, it's not funny. We do not want our youth wasted on this awful dope and we want the police to be vigilant and catch the stupid people who do not think of the consequences of marijuana and other drugs that may cause bi-polar and other disorders.


Anonymous said...

Fiji TV says:
The truck intercepted by Police yesterday was heading towards Labasa, carrying about 120 mattresses underneath are secret compartments.

On the surface of the truck's tray, is this.

Police pulled out 4 parcels of dried leaves believed to be marijuana.

Obliviously the craftsmanships that have gone into this was to allay any suspicion.
- Well the spellchecker got obliviously from somewhere or else blame the pot. Another news item was that the truck was going from Suva to Savusavu via Nabouwalu - another pot mistake I think!

Anonymous said...

The people of Vanua Levu should be more careful about the kind of goods and people coming to various areas of the island. Already there was an HIV positive man running around undetected by Health authorities. Drugs are a real problem in Fiji and it's everywhere,and both the community and government should work hard to minimize this problem. Back in the 80's while teaching in High School in Fiji - drugs were already sold in schools by school children. At the time, I reported it to the school principle and administrator and instead of doing something about it,I was viewed as the bad person for bringing up such a thing.How sad, one of the kids at the time is now a full on drug addict and causing havoc in his family's life.

Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

Life in the present day for parents is fraught with so many dreadful things out there, the drugs, the greed of those who have no care for others, the violence in the media. No wonder there is so much stress.