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Wanted - a director for Tribe Wanted

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Wanted: Vorovoro Project Director Year Three
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Have you got wings? A real challenge and a remarkable opportunity to live and lead Vorovoro By Bengazi, Devon, UK
Posted 06 May 2008
Responsible for the Tribewanted: Vorovoro project in Fiji

To lead the project on Vorovoro alongside the team, chiefs and tribe members
To manage budgets and accounts for Vorovoro
To manage marketing and sales for Vorovoro in Fiji

Availability in Fiji from mid August 2008 for 12 months
Demonstrate strong cross-cultural leadership experience, preferably in South Pacific involving eco-tourism and/or development work
Demonstrate clinical communication & organisation skills
Instinctive and non-stop social skills with people from all backgrounds & cultures
Comfortable with outdoor, basic lifestyle
Strong interest in sustainable living, culture, adventurous living and people from all backgrounds
Not concerned with a 9-5 work ethic – Vorovoro is 24/7

Full board on Vorovoro
Travel/ Insurance
Pro rata competitive director’s salary
A unique opportunity to lead the project throughout it’s third ‘adult’ year

Send whatever you think we need to see to choose you
Application deadline 30/5/08

By Airoy, Pennsylvania, USA
Posted May 12, 2008 4:01am Just a question? Have we considered posting this on sites such as

I’m sure there are other websites like this in other countries. Perhaps a good place to spend time finding these networks would be in the South Pacific Proper, in places like NZ, AUS, & FIJI.

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