Monday, November 12, 2007

tribewanted celebrate diwali

from w
The new chief Carol writes about how they celebrated Diwali with a family connected to Govind's restaurant internet cafe. That's the place where Peceli and I post from when in Labasa. She writes:
Last night was a special off island night. Sham, who owns Govinda’s Internet CafĂ© in Labasa invited the tribe over to his home to celebrate Diwali, the Hindu Festival of Light. We loaded ourselves into the boats for gorgeous starlit night ride into town. After being presented with plates of incredible Indian sweets, we headed out onto the cement awning above Govinda’s and proceeded to behave like overgrown 6 year olds given access to things that go BANG! FLASH!. It was absolutely fantastic, so much fun. I had a terrible case of the giggles through our delectable post-delinquint dinner in Sham’s living room.

They also posted a picture by John Hendicott of the bure and it does look different with some kind of extension in the roof. I've never seen a bure like that in my life! Perhaps they have sleeping quarters up there!


nzm said...

Either that or it's a really strange drawing!

Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

Hello nzm, you are very quiet in your blog these days. Too much to do in the city?
Yep, it does look a quaint bure, but I remembered they posted a month or so ago about putting in an upstairs sleeping area. Don't know if the little gecko lizards in the ceiling would give them a restful night! I don't mind them but I always found the toads horrible underfoot!

nzm said...

Hi Wendy - yes I am quiet.

I've sort of lost the blogging impetus but have some posts in my head that I'll get out on the blog soon.

I had a big gecko in myroom in Suva - one of the large kind, about 7" long from his head to tail. He was translucent so you could see the moths fluttering in his stomach as he ate them alive!

I called him Geronimo as that's what parachutists (used to?) call out as they exit the plane.

Geronimo would run across the ceiling and then his footsteps would cease, and the next thing I'd hear would be the splat as he fell onto his feet on the wooden floorboards in my room.

It was worse when he used to fall onto my bed - I was always relieved when I heard the "splat" because it meant that he had missed the bed!

nzm said...

As for the toads - ughhh!!

They used to come and eat the leftovers in our dogs' bowls every night.

Nothing like the feeling of stepping on a toad - I can still vividly remember it!