Monday, November 19, 2007

Meanwhile in Labasa...

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While the interim who's who make speeches and go on nice overseas trips, ordinary life goes on in Labasa town, women making crafts, caring for babies, gathering for fellowhip and fundraising. Unlike many of the Labasa area churches in villages which are made up from local people, Nasea church includes many families of civil servants and others who have come to Labasa from other places. (Our youngest son was baptised in Nasea Methodist Church, though we were then connected to the Wailevu circuit. I remember a function there where the church president and his wife were visiting and a lovely feast was prepared. The president's wife said, 'Wendy, you eat my share dear. I am fasting today!) The women of Nasea Methodist Church in the town area of Labasa are the focus of a story by the Labasa based journalist. Vinaka Serafina.

Circuit plans special day
Tuesday, November 20, 2007

IN a bid to attract women to be active members, the Nasea Methodist Church circuit women's group has plans to organise a special day next year. But last week, the group, to see how successful such a day might be, organised a day for members to display their works of art.

President Talaite Rabuli said the day was a success with more than 50 women participating. "The women brought in their different handicrafts ranging from mats, kuta, embroidery, dresses, table cloth, kettle cover, home made jams, different types of chutney and baskets of different sizes," she said.

"And it was an interesting day because all women worked together to set the platform to achieve our goal in bringing women together and making them become active members," Mrs Rabuli said.She said the main aim of having such a day was to involve women in the show and at the same time bring them to church."We have so many members, more than 200 but only a group is active and that's why we are organising a handicraft day because women love doing that. "So through this art work, the special day will bring them together and it will eventually bring them to church and to become active members," Mrs Rabuli said.

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