Monday, November 05, 2007

Meanwhile, back on the farm...

from Rinieta,
We all well in Vatuadova and everything else is fine. We just finished our Training in Vatuadova village. The F.S.C. arranged for a Workshop in how to plant good sugarcane so we are blessed by all the happenings in Vatuadova. Everybody was at the workshop except Bulou and Baba who were catering for one week for the finance of women's group.We collected 1,300 dollars from the workshop.

from Wendy,
Vina'a va'alevu Rini. Very good work. It's good to hear that the Fiji Sugar Corporation are doing something about improving cane farming. The family have about five sugar contracts so it is now a busy time - but very hard work for rather small financial rewards I think.

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