Sunday, November 04, 2007

No taller than a coconut tree - part two

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Of course there is a flaw in that nostalgia because here is one building that isn't too tall, but it has such a story of privilege and separation - the Grand Pacific Hotel. I found these pictures on one of Jane Resture's wonderful sites and a note before the building went up:
The construction of a magnificent building in Suva, such as the Grand Pacific Hotel will be, is a good augury for the future of Suva as a tourist resort ... when finished the hotel will be in every way a model of luxury and comfort and should compare favourably with such buildings as the Galle Face Hotel and the Grand Oriental of Colombo."
Extract Fiji Times, 24th August 1912
Our family stayed in one room one night about 20 years ago - it was cheap and ordinary then. Today it is practically derelict and the last I heard soldiers were hanging around there.

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