Monday, November 05, 2007

Efficient in Australia but Fiji....sobosobo!

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Okay, the horse Efficient wins the Melbourne Cup so now we can get on with 'real' matters such as the upcoming election.

Meanwhile, oh dear, the sensational news in Fiji with highly exaggerated stories/media reaction/ forgetting to say 'alleged plot' is still on a merry-go-round. Sobosobo!

What do the children think of their elders' behaviour, the inefficiency, the madness, the alleged assassination plots and kava bowl grumblings. I don't want to add to the sensational stories that, of course, reach other shores and surely will make potential tourists wonder why they have bought tickets to a paradise holiday! Just on Sunday a Fijian girl was telling me about three families of workmates who recently holidayed in Fiji, one at Denarau, one at the Fijian, one at the Warick and they had a marvellous time, their children looked after by Fijian nannies. One child from a family that has travelled widely all over the world said, 'This is the best holiday ever' and wants to return as soon as possible. Isa lei, then those guys in Suva and their kind muck it up once again.

From RadioFiji this afternoon:
Move away from violence: activist
Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Youth activist Peter Waqavonovono says Fiji must move away from the coup culture, confrontation and violent reactions from the security forces. Waqavonovono said acts by the law enforcers last weekend has cast doubts on their reputation. “We should be like a nation that is moving away from this coup culture and from this kind of reaction where we see the security services reacting very violently to opposition and people.

“With the case that happens just soon…this leaves a very bad reputation on police force and on the security services and a very bad imagine for this nation,” said he. Waqavonovono is also calling on all citizens and youths not to be silent anymore and address issues of human rights and upholding the constitution and the rule of law.

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