Monday, January 22, 2007

School starts today in Fiji for 2007

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Some look forward to seeing their friends again, some don't, because keeping still for a few hours is hard to do! And classroom techniques are not as interesting as playing on the beach - or even, playing internet games for rich kids!

In Fiji schools opening up today for students - kinders, primary, secondary. Classes are very large at times - such as 50 boys in a class at Marist Primary in Suva for some classes. Our mataqali children go to many different kinds of schools - government, church, Hindu, Muslim, Fijian village. School uniforms are compulsory even in primary school and there are school fees to be paid, not a lot by vavalagi standards, but still hard to find for many families.

Peceli and I have had associations with various Methodist schools such as Lelean Memorial School, Dudley High School, Jasper Williams High School and I have also taught at Penang Sangam High School, Rakiraki, and All Saints High School, Labasa, so education in Fiji is a high priority in my view.

The pictures are of Mali Island kindergarten graduates last December who will be starting at Mali District School today. Another is of Kauvadra High School students on the day the Education Minister visited.

Isa lei, I hope the powers-that-be in Suva get their priorities right and put education, health, water supply and roads up there as most important rather than dobbing in your neighbour/workmate for some small misdemeanours to be 'cleaned up'!


loloma said...

Haha, I noticed your "isa lei" there and remembered the song... :)

loloma said...

Me again... I wanted to tell you it's a strange coincidence that you decided to write about these things because for my PhD I am going to research the education in Fiji and intend to do fieldwork at Dudley, Jasper Williams, etc. I would love to hear more of your experiences there.

Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

What a lot of work in front of you Loloma! Two prestigious schools for mainly Fijian students are Adi Cakobau and Queen Victoria School and they might be also good to focus on. Many of the leaders in Fiji today come from QVS - old boys' network.
Jasper Williams School in Lautoka is a good school. The former principal Marj Hodge is now retired and living near Melbourne.
I don't know how much research has been done on the schools in Fiji.

loloma said...

I don't know why it's become so difficult for me to post comments on other people's blogs. It's the third time I'm trying...

Anyway, I just wanted to say thanks a lot for the information. I know that not much research has been done on this topic, so it will be really tough, especially in the beginning. But it will also be very exciting and I am looking forward to it all. :)