Friday, January 05, 2007

Fijian youth from Melbourne visit us

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We had ten people stay with us last night as part of a youth group camp experience - to Warrnambool, Geelong then back to Melbourne. Mainly teenagers, a young Mum with two kiddies and another Mum. They swam at Eastern Beach most of the time and camped in our youngest son's bungalow (he's over in Labasa at present) and ate huge meals.

While Tema slept on our loungeroom floor this afternoon with baby Talia, I drew them.

They've gone back home now and left our place tidier than when they arrived! We've known them all for many years and seen these kids grow year by year. They are all members of the Coburg Fijian Methodist congregation and their minister is Rev Tepola Raicebe.


Pandabonium said...

Nice drawing.

laminar_flow said...

Kesa print on the pillow cases. Where can readers or interested individuals get these?

Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

The patterns on the cushions are copied from the Tongan style of barkcloth. They're not pillows, just cushions and I simplified the pattern for the small picture. The pattern on the masi (barkcloth)under the TV is stencilling in the Fijian style.
I don't know where Fijian and Tongan barkcloth can be purchased in Australia, but certainly in Fiji at handicraft stores. It's mainly passed on through customary ceremonies though - weddings, etc.

loloma said...

Very nice drawing. There is a certain calm to it which I really like.

I was just about to ask about the masi myself, then I realized you already wrote about it. In Japan I saw some at the Embassy of Fiji, I'm not sure whether they sell it or not (although it did look like a small shop to me). They also had coconut soap, Fiji water, etc.

Julie Oakley said...

lovely drawing