Friday, July 28, 2006

New Rewa Bridge ready in two weeks

from Fiji Times today:
'The widest and longest bridge in Fiji is on track to open to all traffic in just over two weeks. European Union Head of Delegation Roberto Ridolfi said he was satisfied work on the bridge over the Rewa River would be completed successfully and it would be handed over on August 17.

Mr Ridolfi said this was not the first bridge to be funded by the EU as they had funded bridges in Sigatoka and Ba. He said the EU was advocating for the new bridge across the Rewa River to be named Europe Bridge to mark the relationship between Europe and Fiji.'
What, Europe Bridge? What a strange name! There was talk of calling it the Derrick Bridge, to be named after a pioneer educationist who set up woodworking etc. at Lelean Memorial School because the old tech. classroom was where the bridge comes out on the Dilkusha side.

We once lived close to the old bridge and walked across it many times to go to the Nausori Market. We lived in Shantiniwas, an old wooden building beneath the Dilkusha Home and the Thakur family lived right on the river opposite. Peceli was part of the team ministry of Dilkusha Methodist Church, Danny Mastapha lived up on the hilltop and Pastor Deo Dass Reuben lived near us, a fabulous bhajan singer. Those were the days my friend...


Pandabonium said...

Maybe they want to remind people of who paid for it. If it makes them happy, let them name it that. It won't matter, as local people will call it what they will anyway.

I always was amused when people visiting Hawaii would ask about highways and roads by the official number designation shown on maps. Residents always had Hawaiian names for them and the numbers were totally lost on us. "Oh, you mean the Mokulele Highway"....

Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

One thing about naming is the confusion that arises in Fiji with naming people by their job classification and never using their personal names.
It happens here as well in job-speak when I'm at a meeting of the Ethnic Council. They talk about SWO, OBN, BNS, FAM, and CEO - well I know that one - etc. etc.