Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Happy birthday watiqu si'a!

from Wendy
July 21st is a special day, so happy birthday watiqu si'a! Have a great party in Labasa!


vili caniogo said...

Bula Talatala and Wendy,

congratulations for reaching another milestone. Hope u have a great day in Labasa and also with all the relatives & friends. Will catch up soon.

Vili Laura and caniogo Family

Pandabonium said...

Happy Birthday Peceli.

Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

Hi Vili, Laura and the rest of the Caniogo family!
Peceli has reached Vatuadova and was drinking kava within an hour! They actually went on the Sofi, not the Adi Savusavu, and stayed at the Hot Springs hotel one night. They left one suitcase behind on the Sofi - the boys' clothes! I guess they can just wear their little cousins' clothes in the village!
Don't know when Peceli will get onto the internet. Maybe Monday.
Hey, I didn't know you read our blog! I will have to be careful how cheeky I get!
Thanks Panda. I'll pass on the message when I phone.

Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

The party's over, but I'm sure Peceli continues to party on this week. From an email that just arrived from a young relative in Labasa -
'The party was great with more than 150 were there all relations from Wailevu, Mali and Nasekula were there. There was a church service led by Talatala from Wailevu then speeches in Fijian, long as usual, followed by a feast Lovo then singing and drinking of kava afterwards.'
And then the writer said my grand-children who live in Suva helped wrap up the chickens for the lovo and I'm sure that all the little kids at Vatuadova had a good party as well.

Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

Received this email this evening.
Aunty Wendy,

My son Elijah and I traveled to Labasa last Wednesday to attend Uncle Peceli’s 70th birthday party. We all were happy in Vatudova and other relatives from Wailevu, Bucalevu, Mali and Nasekula attended. It was a small gathering with plenty delicious food. We all enjoyed the party and returned to Suva Sunday afternoon. Joe AND Uncle Peceli were still at Vatudova when we came to Suva. All the family were happy to see Joe AFTER a long time. Boso’s wife gave birth to a handsome little boy and is named after auntie Suli’s son who died last year, [Waisele]. I really missed the little boy, he's so fair and cute.

That’s the story from Vatudova and hope you will hear a lot when uncle Peceli returns and the video camera pictures that Joe took during the birthday party.
Small party - only 150 people!
Joe is our Italian/Australian friend who loves going to Fiji and drinking kava. He has a restaurant and pizza shops in Geelong.