Saturday, July 01, 2006

Fiji Table Tennis players in Oceania tournament

The Fiji Table Tennis team is currently in Geelong for the Oceania tournament. Eight players and a coach came from Fiji and the Open games finished yesterday, Next week the juniors will continue the tournament as part of the circuit in the world championships. They are playing at the Geelong Tabletennis Centre. The winners the first week were competitors from Australia and New Zealand but all the players did well.

According to Pita and Junior who went there yesterday with Alisi, one of the juniors from Fiji,(who had one day off from playing) the players are really professional, always talking seriously with their coaches, thumping the floor, leaping about and are as active as in a Fijian spear dance! Samoa send a group of observers but other Pacific teams playing included Tahiti, Vanuatu, Cook Islands and all their Pacific flags were flying. Alisi and another player and the coach will stay in Geelong for another week.

Unlike soccer and rugby, the Fiji newspapers don't seem to have given much space to this little band of battlers on the table-tennis circuit!

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