Thursday, July 27, 2006

A bure design for Vorovoro

In the Chief's Blog on tribewanted there is a discussion on the building of the first bure, - house - for the project and here are some of the pics from that site.

Traditionally built bures are not as common these days in Fiji as wooden or cement block houses. Tourists perhaps lament that they do not see whole villages comprising lovely bures. Many years ago we built and lived in three bures beside the sea at Nukutatava. Alas, hurricanes came and went, and over time, they deteriorated and fell down. They had been very pleasant to live in, and the central bure had partly open walls as it was the diningroom. We had fresh water from a spring in a rock, pumped water to a tank and had showers and flush toilets. We used benzine or kerosene lights and had a kerosene fridge, and occasionally borrowed a generator for electricity for special occasions.

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